Death Certificates 

The following is a list of people and places that may need a certified copy of the death certificate.

Social Security

 1-800-772-1213 (The $255.00 death benefit is paid only if there is a surviving spouse, residing in the same household, minor children or dependent children over the age of 18.)

1 Death Certificate per Bank and not per account
Checking Accounts
- Savings Accounts
- CD’s
- IRA’s
- Safety Deposit Boxes

Insurance Policies
- 1 Death Certificate per Company

Pensions/Union or Company Death Benefits

Credit Card Companies

Will/Administer Estate

Real Estate/Mortgage/Deeds

Car Titles

Taxes – You may need two copies, one for previous year and one for final taxes - Federal, State and Local

Stocks (one per company unless handled by broker or financial advisor)


Veteran Benefits – War Time Only
- For the Veteran 
- If the Veteran has a surviving spouse, a copy needs to be kept to apply for his/her benefit when death occurs)


Certified copies of the death certificate are $6.00 per copy when purchased during the first 90 days and filed with the local registrar. Once filed with the PA Dept of Vital Statistics, the cost is $9.00 per copy and may take up to 4 months to receive.

If applying for free copies under Veteran Status, death certificates are not kept by the local registrar for 90 days, they are forwarded immediately to the state for processing of Veteran Status certificates.

To order additional certificates, please contact the funeral home.